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01.What uprestro does for you?

Uprestro, with the latest technological approach, offers solutions to the restaurant owners/businesses by creating you your own digital platform ensuring their distinct identity by developing customized app and websites for your restaurant.

02. Why choose uprestro?

Uprestro helps you to give your end customers a premium brand experience by digitalizing your presence by developing a customized app and website for your restaurant at a super affordable cost as per the client’s preferences.
Apart from this, Uprestro ensures that your apps and websites so built are in regards to the latest trends, so you don’t miss anything out from your competitors, simultaneously allowing your end customers to get the best of you.

03.Benfits with uprestro?

Uprestro swiftly comes up with all the solutions and serves as your one-stop solution for all your business problems. From developing an efficient tailored app and website as per the requirements to bring out the true essence and values of the business, Uprestro adds and offers multiple features like online food delivery, restaurant POS, CRM solutions to boost and drive maximum customer engagement.

About UPRestro

Uprestro Uprestro is a technology and data-driven platform that develops white-label apps and websites for their clients to help them acquire consumer insights. The apps and websites developed by Upsrestro allow businesses to have their own delivery solutions as per their needs without having to rely on any other third-party app.

We incorporate features like the end-to-end dashboard for platforms, with data-driven push notifications and SMS to enhance consumer engagement with added payment gateway integration, having a self-ordering system and customised order management system allowing customer feedback services so as the businesses can have a clear understanding and concept of where they are standing and how they should proceed further to get the best of it.

Our Products

Website and Admin Panel : The website and admin panel becomes the first necessity as it connects the users, delivery persons and restaurant admin under one platform.

Application : Our restaurant food delivery app allows restaurant owners to make their business listings easier.

KDS system : A Kitchen Display System (KDS) is a digital order viewer that replaces your paper tickets and kitchen printers in turn monitoring the kitchen data.

POS system: By adding Point of Sale (POS) system software you can easily automate and digitalize your restaurant’s operation.

Table ordering: Providing the customers with the ease to make bookings at their ideal spots and favourite dishes instils a sense of familiarity in their minds.

Feedback System: serves as the most vital and final component of the communication channel.

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