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Privacy policy

The Service Provider is allowed to use the customer information provided by the merchant to update and inform the customer about the delivery status of the product via SMS, WhatsApp, and/or email, and as well as to obtain feedback from the customer about the said service in order to improve the customer’s experience with the service provider.

The aforementioned information will thus be used to keep the client up to date about the product’s delivery status and to improve our customer service.

Refund policy

At Uprestro, we accept the following payment methods.
Credit Card
Debit Card
There are no additional fees.
When you checkout, you can pay the amount that appears in your order summary. Please check with your family members or authorized business colleagues to ensure purchases are made on your behalf, and if you see any unfamiliar charges on your credit/debit card for purchases are made although you have never opened an account or signed up, get to us immediately.

If you still don't recognize those charges, please report it to us within 30 days after such transactions for us to investigate it. Please contact us at https://uprestro.com/ if you have any further questions regarding the same.

If a payment fails, please try again, ensure that the information provided to the payment gateway is correct, such as account details, billing address, secured and authentic password (for net banking), and so on. Also, cross-checking for your Internet connection was in the process.

Cancellation policy

Uprestro accepts all cancellations that are made before the next advance payment scheduled slot’s cut-off time (i.e. 3 hours). Every customer has their unique history & subscription and hence we request our customers to seek support while cancelling.

All payments for orders placed are refunded as shop credit and can be used by the customers to make future purchases. We from our end have the right to cancel orders if we suspect any kind of fraudulent transaction or one that violates the website’s terms of service. In the future, these customers/accounts will be strictly forbidden from using the site or purchasing anything from the service provider.

Warning: This is a warning alert!