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Hybird Application

Our restaurant food delivery app allows restaurant owners to make their business listings easier.

Hybird Application

Our restaurant food delivery app allows restaurant owners to make their business listings easier. With Uprestro you can boom your business scalability by having your own personal brand aggregator apps, without depending on any third-party app.

The Restaurant Ordering App module is both mobile and web-based. We offer the restaurant owners their own personal and customized restaurant profiles with all details of the restaurant like name, logo, images, menu categories, menu items with variants, pricing within the restaurant food delivery app enhancing and increasing the brand awareness and value. Owning your own online ordering app can help you reduce your food delivery burden.

Restaurant owners are also provided with an option to add and update their menus to attract more new and existing customers. The mobile ordering app eases up it even further as it provides power-packed features to the food delivery business.

The use of technology is not just restricted to restaurants’ B2C activities, but it now also offers and yields fruitful results in carrying out the B2B activities efficiently. Therefore, developing an app becomes an essential requirement today for operating an online business. It allows you to boost your sales using technology and is truly recommended for everyone.

How can your own restaurant application help?

Without having to rely on other third-party aggregator apps, you can boom the scalability of your business. Your personal app guarantees you a higher rate of conversion and user engagement, and thus includes and offers features like online slot reservation, digital menu, check-in, booking and review features to make it more appealing to the customers.

When you cut off the extra expenses of additional third-party aggregator apps, you can increase the scale of your profit-making. Having your personal app makes people even more aware of your presence and thus choosing you over your competitors.

Your personal app allows you to manage orders, reviews, accounts while sending customized mass push notifications. It also allows you to determine your peak business hours, generate certain order histories of the regular customers and offer special service to the regulars.

Top Features
Manage Site

Designed with a feature rich admin panel within Uprestro, the admin can easily maintain the site’s dynamic content of their online food ordering restaurant app.

Manage Accounts

With a mobile ordering app for restaurants, the owner can manage overall business accounts. As per their needs, the users, drivers and restaurants can easily manage the account information from their end on the restaurant food delivery app or the web dashboard.

Manage Reviews

Restaurant owners can as per their likings see, manage and update all the reviews and ratings received from different users and delivery persons for quality of food and service for easy management.

Send Mass Notifications

Having your own online ordering system allows you to send mass notifications in no time. You can let your potential and present customers know any news, offers or updates via a mobile ordering app for restaurants.

Track Driver Services

Using technology fed within the mobile apps, the restaurant owners can easily track the driver details with their service-related details. As these apps are technology-enabled, they help with easy and quick tracking.

Surge Pricing

The online feature allows you to make changes and surge your pricing during peak time in the specific city/place with surge percentage by using a mobile ordering app for the restaurant.

Payment Report

By using an online food ordering app, the admin can see the payment analytics at any time. The owner can check for daily, monthly and yearly reports. The payments can be extracted easily with the help of such software.

Promo Code

The owners can create different discounts and offers with conditions like COD, card payment etc., when using the restaurant ordering app, as the software easily allows to generate the promo code whenever needed.

Business Hours

By using an online business ordering system, the restaurant owners can fix/schedule the open/closing hours of the restaurant webpage through the same.

Manage Food Items Online

Users can choose and add food to the cart, he/she can open the cart and change the quantity within the restaurant online ordering system as per requirement. He/she can also remove/change the food which is added before, etc via the restaurant food delivery app.

Manage Order

The restaurant app makes the entire process utterly organized. The restaurant owners can see all placed orders and can simply manage and organize it with the restaurant online ordering system at ease. Restaurant ordering system software enables the owners to manage and control the entire business process. As the features are offered online, it also reduces manpower requirements.

Order History

This feature allows the restaurant food delivery app to maintain and keep track of the customer profiles. Customers have to register by providing their First name and Last name, Phone number and Email address on the restaurant food ordering app.

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