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Feedback System

serves as the most vital and final component of the communication channel.

Feedback System

The Feedback feature serves as the most vital and final component of the communication channel. It helps you to get honest and unbiased reviews and ratings from those who used your service. Customers can share their views and add honestly how they feel and what improvements can you make to your business to make it even more approachable and better in the eyes of the users.

How can Feedback System help?

Having a well-designed restaurant feedback section will help you to get and capture the core customer insights to offer vital clues related to the customer experience. By using those feedbacks wisely you can get and enjoy a resourceful increase in your brand awareness, revenue, customer retention and loyalty and maintain the key factors for stable and sustainable business growth driving higher customer engagement.

On receiving honest customer reviews you can focus on what and how should you do and invest your funds and where you shouldn’t. You can further base on the details of your customer database from marketing strategies to build customer retargeting strategies.

Your customer feedback will allow you to evaluate your customer experience, analyze your staff performance and behavior, bring customer loyalty and generate data for your marketing plans. It also helps to build a solid and transparent Customer Relationship Management system.

Top Features
Evaluate Experience

Feedbacks are simply designed surveys that help you get insights from your customers about key concern areas like food, ambience, service and staff behaviour through various types of questions to focus and enhance those features

Complaint Management System

Through feedbacks, you are constantly updated and hence help your customers solve issues with the help of team collaboration and take suitable actions to resolve customer complaints in no time.

Customer Loyalty

You can ask your customers to rate you on an NPS scale of 0-10, allowing them to willingly recommend changes and put forth suggestions.

Internal Complaints and Staff Analysis

To improve and strengthen areas that observe frequent complaints from the customers can be highly beneficial for implementing staff training and evaluating their performance.

New Menu Feedback

You can ask your customers for suggestions and recommendations or areas of improvement upon introducing a new menu. This will instill a sense of importance in them.

Data for Marketing

With feedbacks you can get customer information like their names, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays/anniversaries and can offer them special treats and offers on their important events, thus helping you customer re-targeting.

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