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A Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Integrated with a cloud-based POS technology KDS and hence working remotely

Kitchen Display System

A digital order viewer that replaces your paper tickets and kitchen printers in turn monitoring the kitchen data. It plays a huge role in automating and making the process of sending order tickets straight to the kitchen as soon as the order is entered into the system much easier and convenient. Such display systems are located in a position of your restaurant’s kitchen that instantly updates your staff and management about the new orders.

Integrated with a cloud-based POS technology KDS and hence working remotely, it is basically a smart ordering and information display system that increases the restaurant/café’s efficiency.

However, there is much more to a Kitchen Display System (KDS) than just taking orders.

How can kitchen Dispaly System (KDS) help?

A Kitchen Display system or KDS makes the workplace more efficient. Integrated with POS software, the KDS aims to increase the efficiency, productivity and food quality of the kitchen.

Installing a Kitchen Display System is a one-time investment and gives you value for money. Once installed and integrated through the POS, it serves as even a cheaper option than paper KOTs. It helps with better and more efficient kitchen operations, eliminating the chance of miscommunication.

Having your own Kitchen Display System helps you to manage your orders, meal cook times, access to recipes, send information to appropriate kitchen sections and POS integration. Followed by these great features, it also adds the convenience of preparing the order without wasting any time, helping you to prioritize the orders that you need to work on first, leading to lower customer wait time with better inventory management and allowing to track your performance so that you can train your staff better.

The inbuilt KDS system ensures you
Fast Delivery

The KDS acts as a repository and intimidates the kitchen staff when a customer makes any changes in the order in real-time, allowing the kitchen staff to act quickly. Also, with this one can track the meal preparation time and accordingly increase the working speed and delivery accuracy.

Manage Accounts

With a mobile ordering app for restaurants, the owner can manage overall business accounts. As per their needs, the users, drivers and restaurants can easily manage the account information from their end on the restaurant food delivery app or the web dashboard.

Manage Cook Times

KDS allows you to manage cook times ensuring the food reaching the customer is fresh and right. It optimizes the meal preparation time.

Inventory Management

As the KDS automatically monitors the order volumes and inventory levels, it helps you eliminate errors and reduce over wastage. It also prevents delayed orders by giving you a prior heads up when the ingredients become low and also provides an environment-friendly option by helping you save a lot of paper./p>

Better Customer Service

As the prime objective of the business is to please customers and serve them with quality food, the KDS helps with speedy and accurate customer orders. The KDS improves and increases the restaurant operations and efficiency of the staff reducing and eliminating any sort of confusion and hassle.

Analyze performance

Your KDS allows you to easily track the time of your kitchen staff to analyze their performance. Integrated with POS it gives quick access to analytics and other reports, helping you to improve your restaurant operation.

Faster Food Processing

The KDS of your restaurant food ordering system makes it more simplified and becomes manageable as it can forecast the meal preparation time, taking all information into consideration.

Staff Convenience

The staff can easily access the order information they can get the details and work accordingly in a certain planned way.

More effective display of information

During the peak hours the KDS helps you to prioritize your orders allowing you to segregate the pending and new orders and also reminds you quickly about the orders that need immediate attention.

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